February Workout Goals

I was happy with my February Workout Goals – because even though I spent a good week of it sick (thanks kids….and we had Mid-Winter school break in February) I kept at it.


My stats for February:

Steps: 450,537

Miles: 204.99

While sick, I made sure I made my minimum of 10,000 steps a day. It wasn’t always easy, but honestly I felt better keeping mildly active. To say the least, at the end of February I noticed a few things. One, making the minimum isn’t hard anymore. In December, making 10,000 steps left me tired and sore. Now, even 20,000 steps in a day is just normal. If I don’t walk, I feel it and by halfway through the day I have the need to go walk. I also walk considerably faster, which for me is huge. I am and have never been a fast walker. As you will see farther down there is a reason….


But once back to normal my days were more this:




And even this:


I worked on Baby Steps to 5K this month, completing 3 weeks. This is why my pace has picked up. You don’t actually start running for weeks using it, but it does require 3 walks a week, with increasing distance – and pace. And by the end of week 3, I found I can actually start running and not instantly fall on my face. I can actually see how someone might become a runner….yeah, no, not anytime soon I am sure, but I can feel it. It’s there, somewhere in me.


My In-Law’s sent me an early birthday gift and I used it to fund a new pair of shoes, Fila Women’s Forward Running Shoe:


And a number of workouts on our Precor Crossramp:


I didn’t get as many of those workouts in as the machine decided to have issues in the 3rd week and I couldn’t ride it till they came out on last Friday to do work on it. I missed being on it! But I am happy with my workouts – I passed January’s numbers, in 2 days less. Here is to March, which is going well a week in! I just passed my 75th day this week of making my minimum goals 🙂

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