Workout Reviews: 21 Day Fix

There is a long story on how I got into doing 21 Day Fix workouts…..At the end of February while I was walking so much (and pushing day 70 of 10,000 steps minimum), and felt so much better, I wasn’t losing weight, nor getting muscles in my body beyond my legs.


I was looking into pushing myself to the next level – and not having to rejoin a gym. Truth is, I don’t like classes. I’ve never liked publicly working out in hot rooms, more so when I can barely keep up. At one point in my life I was a regular gym attendee, before I had the two younger boys, and after I had the middle child. But most of my time there was working with my husband’s trainer. I was incredibly strong at that point in my life. Mostly because John didn’t take no, and he had me doing Kirk’s workouts. There would be time I’d have to lock my arms on the steering wheel to drive home the 4 miles from the gym. But getting me to the gym…I never showed up on days where I had no appointments. So for 4 or so years I paid $30 a month, plus my training fees. There months I was spending $150 to 200 just on that. When I left my gym over the horrid child care situation, everything fell apart. For 3 years I did little more than walk (and it wasn’t often enough). I needed something to get me going. Because I also had gained way too much weight.


The other issue is I was looking for a way to drink frappes with a lot less sugar. Part of my March goals was weaning myself down on processed sugar (it actually went pretty well!)I knew a local Beach Body coach, Trish, who I am friended with. So I picked her mind over what to do, thinking maybe I could use Shakeology. Well….I couldn’t as it contains pea protein, which is great, but Alistaire is allergic to it (it triggers similar to peanuts). I ended up with a great version from Nutiva (more about that in a coming post, with recipes).

But due to talking with Trish, I decided to try 21 Day Fix. I ended up buying it via Amazon for a couple of reasons: 1) my credit card company blocked me from buying on BB’s website. They didn’t like the fact a company can charge you monthly – which makes sense. Also, 2) I could get it in 2 days via Prime Shipping on Amazon. For exactly the same price. Easy choice. I listed Trish as my coach on the Team Beach Body website – because she is really, really a great help! And I am grateful she lets me, because I am not a “client” per say. If you are interested in more information, you can contact Trish via Facebook šŸ™‚

What Trish also did was offer me a spot in one of her 21 Day Challenges, that are private Facebook groups. Accountability. Seeing others struggling, winning, encouragement and so much more!

I won’t lie. That first workout, I could barely walk the next day.


In the first challenge, I made 17 workouts in the 21 days. Since I was afraid of hurting myself, I did that first challenge without weights, so I could learn the moves. At the end, I had lost 2 pounds, but also around 5″ combined lost. That was a big deal, seeing the loss in my hips and waist.


I am currently in challenge 2 and have been working up with weights – and have noticed more dramatic inches lost, in both my hips and waist. Currently my heavy weights are 8 pounds, my lights are 5 pounds.

Side notes:

I am consuming around 2100 to 2300 calories a day of mostly minimally or unprocessed foods.

I drink 8 glasses of water daily on average.

I am following a high fiber, plenty of vegetables and fruit, diet. I have found that I have had to cut back “white” carbs as I feel lethargic and drowsy if I eat too big of a serving. It isn’t to say we don’t eat pasta….I just eat a lot less of it! So as you can see, I am not starving myself on the workout. With my 4 to 6 miles a day I walk on top of it, if I got any lower than say 1700 calories, I have no energy.

Spring Break with my kids led to two whopping workouts, but I found I still mostly watched my food – without thinking about it.

I don’t drink shakes overall. Some people do.

I found the colored food boxes to be very helpful to get a clear idea of how much food I needed to consume. Portion control is really hard for me. I don’t neccesarily use the containers daily, but now I can judge so much better!

Last but not least….it’s a really fun, though sometimes hard, workout. I hate ab workouts….but at least she makes it fun!

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