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Book Review: 3 New Paper Craft Books

Paper Craft Books – my boys love these so much! And on rainy PNW afternoons, after school, it keeps them busy. Less TV, more creativity. As far as crafting time goes, I like paper ones. The worst cleanup is I have to get out the vacuum. And what kid doesn’t love snipping with scissors?


100 Amazing Paper Animal Snowflakes: A Magical Menagerie of Kirigami Templates to Copy, Fold, and Cut–Includes 8 Preprinted Color Templates. One to tuck into the pile for next fall, with a little time, your windows will be decorated like no one else’s in your neighborhood! And yes, the templates are easy to use (you can copy them so you don’t have to cut your book up).


Making Books with Kids: 25 Paper Projects to Fold, Sew, Paste, Pop, and Draw (Hands-On Family). If you have kids who love to get hands on, this is one to check out. It’s fun to make books, and remember, they shouldn’t be perfect – let the creativity flow. The projects range from ultra simple that preschoolers can do, up to more complicated master pieces. A neat part is the “pop ups” it includes that can be cut out and used in their books.


Pattern Play: Cut, Fold, and Make Your Own 3D Animal Models. I had more fun with this one than my kids did (mostly because I hid it from them to play with first!). Printed paper, ready to be cut and folded, into nifty 3D creatures. It’s a “use up” book, and very hands on. Each page is an animal you cut out and fold into shape, and has stickers to complete the look. From littles on up will enjoy it.

FTC Disclaimer: We received review copies.

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