Urban Homesteading: June In The Garden

June came in hot, hot and hot and hit 93* by the 5th day of the month. But then it slowed down. It went through periods of rain and a classic June-uary cycle, where it stay in the low 60’s. It was appreciated! By the end of the month, it was back to sunny, but the mornings were cloudy, which kept the temperatures into the mid to upper 70’s at most. This let the garden grow (the rain helped a LOT), and not get scorched.


The first blueberries came ripe, and by the end of the month about 1/2 the berries had ripened.


Red Currants ready to pick. Well, except for the bush is covered in little ants who think it is theirs…and they bite! Great tasting berries though, almost worth the little jerks.


Walker helping himself to strawberries, at the start of the month.


The first year for our olive tree to bloom.


Flowers on our blue potatoes.


One big project was moving last year’s grapes that were on the fence. I put two in the ground, but one had to stay in the pot, as the ground there isn’t workable. I scored an arbor at a great price and made it into an area for the grapes (where the little greenhouse used to sit the past two winters). A bee bath, and one of my mason bee homes accompany it.


Speaking of friends, we have a garter snake living in the herb garden. I’m cool with it. She or he is gorgeous (and out here, snakes are safe).


The fence needed this. I bought it last year and finally got it up!


First tiny tomatoes to harvest…..


June was great for the June Bearing strawberries! One ugly, dirty pot turned into something pretty…..


Yukon Gold potatoes harvested (and enjoyed a few hours later).


And the final harvest of June was our garlic, I had planted it in fall. We had a great crop this year! I showed Walker how to dig it out.


Alistaire really loved pulling it out.


Some enjoyed now, drying the rest, soon to braid. Part of it will be replanted in October for next year.

The days slide by, the boys go out daily to see what is ready to harvest. I’ll take that!

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