Homemade Mac and Cheese

As part of a project, I am attempting to teach my 17-year-old life skills. As part of this, I am culling recipes that to me stand out as must haves. A few basics that taste great, fill you up, and are affordable - and impress friends in your early 20's. One can do so much better than a blue box of … Continue reading

Summer Pasta – Light and Lemony

We had a pretty evening yesterday with a cool day overall. Perfect for working in the garden with my boys. Walker and I harvested the first ripe blueberries, little ones off my subalpine bushes, the berries are very small in comparison to regular berries. But quite tasty, as little berries are … Continue reading

Penne with Creamy Pumpkin Sauce

I came across the basis for this recipe for penne with creamy pumpkin sauce on a cooking website, but it called for an entire stick of butter. ½ cup of butter? Wow, talk about fatty! So I decide to play with the recipe and see if I could adapt it. I took the butter out, added a diced onion and … Continue reading