Homemade Mac and Cheese

As part of a project, I am attempting to teach my 17-year-old life skills. As part of this, I am culling recipes that to me stand out as must haves. A few basics that taste great, fill you up, and are affordable - and impress friends in your early 20's. One can do so much better than a blue box of … Continue reading

Caprese Pasta

Have I mentioned how much I love the few short months when I can walk out to my garden and pick fresh Basil for dinner? Life has been busy here - especially with the garden! Everything is coming in, which makes me so happy. The boys love after dinner picking time every night. Blueberries, … Continue reading

Pan-Roasted Corn & Ricotta Pasta

Summer might not be my favorite season, because while it is pretty, the heat isn't something I like (I wilt), but it is my favorite for the seasonal produce. The local farmer's market opens this weekend, and now we live within walking distance! I get more inspired in my cooking once it warms up and … Continue reading