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Wee Houses


I am SO feeling the season this year! Something about Walker being old enough to do food crafts makes it so much more fun.


It works as gingerbread houses in their own right, or for me, to get Walker warmed up, so he wouldn’t get too worked up while we did the “real” houses. He was mellow by then!


A box of brand name graham crackers, a tub of plain frosting, some powdered sugar and toppings. Why commercial frosting? It works easy, no dyes in this one and I find I like it better than homemade for graham crackers – by adding powdered sugar it becomes very paste like and sets fast. Beyond that, The Frosting Creations frosting is allergy safe for my youngest.

I used a square flat plate for the base, but built each house separately, then added them once dry. Take about half the frosting out, into a bowl. Stir in enough powdered sugar till the frosting is thick. Spread frosting on a whole cracker (this makes the base). Carefully snap another cracker in half. Frost one side of each half, and one short end of each. Make a pyramid on the base as you like, then fill out the frosting gently (I find a thin butter knife works well). Add pretzel sticks if you like for decorations. Walker had seen gingerbread marshmallows, which we added as well. Sprinkle on crystal sparkling decorating sugar (Wilton), mini marshmallows and whatever else one likes. Let dry overnight.

The next day place the houses on the plate. Sugar Pearls make a neat pathway. Shredded coconut (the sweetened kind) makes a lovely snow. Decorate as one likes….and have fun!

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