Hummus Potato Salad

This recipe has potential but needs more zing (to me at least). If I do another run of it I will be leaving out the celery (crunchy but tasteless) and use pickles instead. I also feel that a more vibrant hummus would stand out better, maybe a roasted red pepper over a plain hummus. Still, it has great texture and is much healthier than slathering the mayo as a typical potato salad has. It also has protein due to the tuna added in (yes, not a typical ingredient!)

Hummus Potato Salad


2 lbs small red potatoes (or yellow)

7-ounce tub hummus

6-ounce container non fat plain yogurt

1 cup diced celery

1/4 cup diced onion

1/4 cup finely chopped fresh parsley

fresh ground black pepper

4.5-ounce can tuna packed in olive oil


Steam the potatoes until done and chill overnight.

Cube into bite size pieces in a large bowl. In a medium bowl whisk the hummus and yogurt together. Add in the rest of the items through the pepper (add 1/4 tsp to start). Toss the dressing gently with the potatoes. Drain the tuna gently and flake, then add in.

Cover and chill for flavors to meld.


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