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Little Feet

No recipe tonight….just a happy smile thinking about today. Kirk and I took the boys on a hike in a nearby state park. We found a lull between rain storms and set out. Walker ahead of me….like with his older brother, Ford, I have outfitted him in mini-me gear. I go by the theory my children should have as nice as gear as I do! Walker loves his backpack.


At the trailhead, Kirk carried Alistaire today. Him and Ford set off and soon left Walker and I in their dust. Which was OK…..



As Walker and I hiked the loop, hand in hand, I realized it was the most relaxing hike I had ever taken. Ford was always a strong hiker, and where Walker is as well, he is also curious. He asks questions about what he sees. Just him and I, slowly walking, breathing the cold air of the Cascade foothills. We looked at root balls, ferns, moss and more. We met dogs and humans. We looked down and saw we both had similar shoes on.



Near the end, Kirk was waiting for us. Someone had to have a trekking pole suddenly!



Alistaire riding in the backpack carrier. Kirk said he sat quietly, watching as he and Ford walked and chatted.



I am so happy with todays stroll with Walker. It lifted my spirit so much. I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday!


7 thoughts on “Little Feet

    1. A year or so ago I had found one by Eddie Bauer at Target, in the baby section. It was very affordable! It is technically a “tether” pack, but the tether unclips. What I like is it is a REAL backpack – with a main section, and two outer pockets plus a bottle holder. The dual sternum strap keeps it on tight. It was well made, and has held up well. I think I also saw it on Target online as well.

      1. Thanks, I will look for it. His current backpack was provided by the pump manufacturer, paid for by insurance and costs $115 to replace. Craziness considering it is simply a regular backpack that happens to be tiny and has a special cut out slot for his tube (not unlike a cut out for an ipod). Recreating the slot would be easy with a double zipper or even cutting a small slit. We discovered it would be handy to have a spare on hand for times like last night when say, a certain blowout rendered his backpack unusable while it went through the wash – tethering him to an IV pole. I think a toddler wearing a backpack is just the cutest thing.

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