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Yummy Junky Food – Done Vegan

Back in May, when I was at Vida Vegan Bloggers Conference in Portland, I got to sample some of Tofuky’s newest products. There were plenty of people circulating around their table, waiting for the treats to come out. For good reason. It was like stepping back into time…to being a teen and digging through the freezer for a snack.

The really naughty snacks. Pizza Pockets and Pot Pies. All they need are Pizza Rolls and life would be just dandy (ya’ll listening?) Or Bagel Pizzas. It is a slippery slope though. Then I’d be seen hiding behind the couch drinking a 12 pack of Fresca while I was at it (one of my worst habits of my teens was that nasty diet grapefruit pop).

Anyhow, I had a love affair with Hot Pockets around the time we got a microwave, which in the mid 80’s was the calling card of having made it (or something). I haven’t had one in years (since they like to add a lot of really scary ingredients to them) and I also hated the “this part is cold, this part is molten lava and now it cooled off and the dough is rubbery” effect microwaves gave it.

Then look what came across my doorstep (thank you UPS Man) – right from the wonderful peeps at Tofurky –


Pepperoni Pizza Tofurky Pockets. Hey Hot Pockets, if you tasted this good (and looked this good), I might look at you. Oh yeah, you would also need to be vegan. And taste this good. Did I mention that? 😉 I baked them old-skool and used the oven. Something I somehow never had the patience for when I was a kid (I mean, how could I possibly have the time to wait for an oven to warm up and then bake!?!) Hence, I was gifted with a crispy outer crust and melty goodness inside for being patient. Bake them! They deserve the special love.


Walker ate an entire one by himself. It was almost scary watching that 3-year-old tear into it. Afterwards, he patted his tummy and announced he was good and full 😛 Want to bet these become a backup staple for those times when Mommy is too tired to make him lunch? Yeah, maybe I should feel guilty enjoying convience foods. But no, I am not going to feel guilty. It was just too good!


Pot Pies. Not much more can I think of that says “comfort food”. All it was missing was the foil pan – remember those really greasy and salty Banquet ones? I liked that crust is thin, it isn’t all dough – lots of gravy and filling. It and a salad? Perfect!

PS: I got to try the vegan Quiche and the new Artisan Sausages at Vida Vegan, they were amazing as well! The Chick’N and Apple ones? Those grilled, in a bun? Who needs meat with that…..

PS2: They are hosting TofurkyFest in September, to celebrate the opening of their new factory in Hood River, Oregon. Hood River is a gorgeous town – right on the Columbia River and Mt. Hood sits above it. Can I say Oregon road trip?


FTC Disclaimer: We received product samples for potential review.

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