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Sipping In My Garden

This morning Kirk and I signed the paperwork for the sale of our old home. Just shy of ten years there! It felt almost unreal knowing that sometime today (or Tuesday), it will no longer be ours. We spent so many days finishing all the DIY projects we hadn’t finished. Of course…the house looks great now 😉 But I am happy that we can now finish moving into our new home, we still have so much to unpack and assemble! Gave myself blisters steam vac cleaning the carpets in the old house. How my Dad did it for a living, I’ll never know. No thanks.

A more pleasant moment was out shopping this week and seeing the new Ball® Mason Jar drinking glasses for sale. Squee!


I found them in 16 ounce, they have 24 ounce ones as well – I will be keeping an eye out for them.


And next to it the Sip and Straw Lids (4 to a pack, and yes, the straws are awesome wide ones):


To use the lids, you need bands. Sure I could use any of my regular silver metal bands….but since I had also found the new 2014 green edition bands….well, duh!


Now…here is to kicking back in my gardens and enjoying my new home!

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