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DIY Candy Jars

Last night we had a lot of fun watching The LEGO Movie, – which was a perfect family movie night 😀 The boys all loved it, and you know, so did I! I had an idea I thought the boys might like, a fun way to serve candy while we watched.


The secret is using the TransforMASON Frog Lid Inserts, which are made by a company owned by Jarden, which owns Ball and Kerr mason jars….yes, they have an entire line of fun TransforMASON items.


All you need are mason jars, a band, and a frog insert. Fill, and shake out what you want.

Yes, I know they say “not for use with food” on the packaging, I am OK with it since the food doesn’t have to touch it much. Originally, I bought them to make toothbrush holders – but my mind got distracted. The frog inserts make wonderful holders/toppers for a lot of items: flowers, paint brushes, make up brushes, toothbrushes, and anything you want to be able to shake out – or air out. Even potpourri would work well in a mason jar with this on top.


If you want to get fancy, and happen to have Con-Tact Chalkboard Liner lying around, print out some templates for labels, and cut them out. They attach smoothly and easily. And yes, you can write on them with chalk! Or if you have no desire to do that, you can find precut Chalkboard Labels, ready to use. I’ve seen similar ones at Cost Plus World Market as well.

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