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On the go snacking with Yoplait Yogurt

When we travel, we almost always have a cooler in the van. The boys love snacking, more than meals. And frankly, so do I! The alternative of that is heavy, greasy, salty fast food meals – which never sit well. The boys love yogurt, so we always have a variety. I love yogurt as well, but I don’t like greek style. Too thick for my taste. I like old-school and love the smooth texture of Yoplait Light. They have over 20 flavors, with some of my favorites below: Boston Cream Pie & Lemon Cream Pie. A number of the varieties are naturally colored as well! With only 90 calories each, you won’t feel guilty either.


My idea of deliciousness? A Boston Cream Pie Yoplait yogurt, a snack size cup of peaches (drained), and granola (all you need is a sprinkle – tuck it into a snack size zip-top bag or small container), layered. If on a trip, bring along disposable bowls and spoons. A low-calorie, yet satisfying snack: crunchy, slightly sweet, and cool. It also make a great dessert!


Want a fun snack hack? That kids love? Take a wide straw and punch it through the top. No mess, drinkable yogurt! Eve works for us mess-challenged adults – and it keeps you out of a fast food drive-thru. Saving you money, time, and a whole lot of calories!

For many more ideas, visit Yoplait’s Pintrest 150 Calorie Snack Hacks. You may just find a new way to snack sanely!

FTC Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Yoplait, all opinions and views by us.

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