March Workout Stats: What Worked, What Didn’t

March was a brutal workout month. I had my birthday and saw both day 70 & 100 of my 10,000 steps minimum. I also picked up (and set aside) workouts. I was happy though with my stats! I did some form of workout every day.

419,714 Steps

194.14 Miles

18 Elliptical Crossramp Workouts

22 21 Day Fix Workouts

I am now 10 pounds down from my start, and recently am 5″ down as well. Here is to that! Finally….shrinking!!


As March started I was actively doing the Baby Steps to 5K training. And I actually was running. Not a lot. But a bit. More than I had done in the past 15 years. As I entered into March I realized it needed to go, for now. Running might be hip, and everyone is doing it, but it isn’t something I enjoy. I wanted to see if I could do it. And that was all I needed. So I took it off my phone.


With all 3 boys going to school now, I have actual free time many days. But come Fridays, when Alistaire has no school, I pack him into the trailer, or the jogger stroller, and off we go!


The one thing I didn’t set aside was my walking. When you live on the trail above, how can you not walk? I stuck with it through March. Walking for me is something I really enjoy – it is easy for me. I don’t need to run. And oh I love early Spring!


One of my favorite workouts is a couple of loops that use roads and trails in town. I can walk out of my house, and never have to drive – just walk! This one below for example can get my 10,000 daily steps and I am done before 11 am 🙂


And some days, the steps come easy:


On March 30th I made 100 days of 10,000 steps, with my totals being 1,405,145 steps and 651.08 miles in those 100 days.


My use of our Crossramp elliptical went up sharply as well. On rainy days I would use it to get both a workout and some of my steps. I have been doing hill training on it lately, to help with my thighs, so come summer hiking will be a lot easier.


And I ate a lot better in March than I have in a very long time. My 21 Day Fix workouts have helped my attitude quite a bit. (More to come about that in a later post!)

See you at the end of April!

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