Handcrafting Melt and Pour Soap: Milk and Honey Soap


Handcrafting Melt and Pour Soap is an easy way to learn soap making, without having to invest into a lot of gear, or commit a lot of time. The Milk and Honey Soap recipe is a wonderful gift, and stores well. It is a natural, warm honey color. You can use clear or white colored soap base (I used clear).


Milk and Honey Soap


To Do:

Cut the soap into small pieces. Bring a few inches of water to a simmer, in a pot. Place the soap into a heat safe glass bowl (such as Pyrex), and let it gently melt, stirring with a silicone spatula as needed.

Meanwhile, mix the olive oil, water, dry milk, honey, and vanilla essential oil in a bowl, until smooth.

Once the soap is melted, take off the heat, wipe the outside of the bowl off. Add in the mix to the melted soap, till mixed in, then gently pour into molds. I prefer a ladle to do this. For ease in moving, have your molds on a rimmed baking sheet.

Let the soap cool and set up, over night for best results. Don’t remove the soap from the molds until you are ready to bag it up. Glycerine soaps like to ‘sweat’ if exposed to air. It doesn’t affect the soap, but isn’t as attractive. I love the soap bags you can find on Amazon, however, if you are not feeling fancy, a snack bag zip top bag also works.

Using my favorite molds, I made 16 bars.

PS: To clean up, just fill your bowl with hot water, and let it wash itself 😉

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