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Book Review: Chalk On The Wild Side

Let it be said I buy a lot of sidewalk chalk, so I was happy to review a copy of Chalk on the Wild Side: More than 25 chalk art projects, recipes, and creative activities for adults and children to explore together.


The boys love nothing more than doodling outside, “painting” the trees, their playhouse, the deck….I let them have fun, the rain washes it away eventually.

So for the cost of a huge tub of plaster of paris, we got to work (thankfully we happen to have a lot of molds lying around). While craft stores may carry small containers, the best place to shop is your local hardware store, find it often in the paint department.

The recipes are easy to follow, although it is an “adult does the work, kids have fun using it” book. If children are older, they could help, but at my boys ages (4 & 6) it was simply safer to have me do the work. The simplest recipes involve mixing plaster of paris with water (using disposable cups and spoons), and dyes or paint to color them. Poured into molds, and allowed to dry and set up. For best results, let them set up overnight, then pop them out, and rest on paper towels for a few days to ensure they are fully dry. One should be careful to not inhale the dry powder or spill it (or put it down your drain!)

IMG_20160926_135315 (1)

The chalk works great – and yes, Mom was out there having just as much fun as them.

If you love DIY, this is a great book for ideas (the spray on chalk might be the next project).

FTC Disclosure: We received a review copy.

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