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The Frustration Of Moldy Gluten Free Bread

This is a frustration post:

When you have contacted a company and heard nothing back. When you ask them directly on Twitter for an answer. And radio silence. When others tell you they have the same issue. It’s when I start whining.

The real problem is there isn’t many choices for a gluten free bread that is also allergen safe, especially for children. And one that looks and tastes pretty close to wheat bread (anything so a 5-year-old doesn’t stick out even more at school). So you tend to stick to a brand, no matter how many times you get burned. You just have few other choices!

This year our youngest son, Alistaire, was tested again and his egg allergy has cleared up. It’s one of the few food allergies children can grow out of. So we were excited, as it meant he could have Franz Gluten Free Bread, especially the Mountain White.

However, we learned some painful (and expensive) lessons quickly. Their website claims that the bread “Because of our special stay fresh packaging, once you open your Franz Gluten Free bread, it stays fresh and delicious for five to seven days without refrigeration“. Well……

At first I stored the bread loaf in the bag it came in. We’d be 3 days into a loaf and it was moldy in the center. Then I changed to zip lock bags (nothing like not being green with that!) and made sure I marked the date on the bag, once opened. Our house sits at no more than 70*, and we don’t live in a humid area. The claims said it should be fine for at least 5 days. But it wasn’t happening.

So I talked to others, and found everyone had the same issue. They all said one thing “You have to refrigerate it”. I tried it in the bag it came in. Mold by day 3. But if in a zip lock bag….I finally got 5 to 7 days. At $7.19 a loaf at Safeway, I might as well have been burning money at the Lotto counter.

So I thought….Costco sells the seeded variety, in 2 loaf bags. I’ll save money!

Does Costco have a Lotto counter to burn money at instead? Because EVERY bag we bought had one loaf go moldy before EVEN OPENING IT. With weeks, if not months, to the expiration dates. Costco isn’t an easy trip for me, so going back just wasn’t happening.

I contacted Franz Bakery using their contact form. And nothing. I have never heard back. Weeks have gone by. I went to Twitter, multiple times. No reach out. Considering how much money we have donated to our compost bins on Lahar Valley Farm, it is frustrating. I’d quit buying it if there were other options.

I’d love to know WHY the bread molds in the bags before opening (but only the Costco loaves) and why it molds if you follow the companies directions.

Because also, just answering a contact form might have made me less annoyed.


3 thoughts on “The Frustration Of Moldy Gluten Free Bread

  1. Sarah, Unfortunately you are best off freezing this product within the first day or two you have it at home. I have a ton more information and expertise on this. If you would like to send me an e-mail with questions, I’d be happy to answer them.

  2. You usually have to freeze gluten free breads, it works better even though eventually it has to thaw. If you buy mutiple bags of bread, put them in the freezer untill you need them.

  3. FWIW, I’ve bought it already moldy (couldn’t see it through the bag but noticed when I brought it home and opened it up) in one loaf bags at Fred Myer and Safeway. I think part of the issue is their packaging method. I’ve noticed condensation on the inside of the inner bag of nearly every loaf I’ve bought.

    They pack it with moisture (presumably on accident – maybe the bread is hot when they put it in?) and that destines it for ruin.

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