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Thanksgiving Favorites

Thanksgiving is often about the side dishes and desserts here. I am not a fan of roasting a turkey. It’s messy and I don’t like the mess, nor the bones. We used to often make a Tofurky roast in the slow cooker, but our youngest son’s allergies now mean we don’t. It’s OK though….leaves more room for the dishes I love (including mashed potatoes, yams and cranberry sauce!) Maybe even some boozy maraschino cherries for spiking the punch with…..

Green Bean Casserole. A little extra work makes it so much better.

Fall Chickpea Tart. When we could have nuts in the house, this was a favorite.

Make your own Savory Broth Powder.

Butternut White Lasagna

Sous Vide Fall Spiced Roots

Tennessee Honey Maple Pecan Pie. Kirk gets his beloved maple syrup sweetened pie two times a year. Pecans are the one tree nut Alistaire isn’t allergic to, but we are not going to push out luck. He can’t eat it, but oh we can!

Simple & Delicious Pumpkin Pie. Kids love how smooth it is. You will love how easy it is.

Coconut Cream Pie – a favorite of my brother’s. Mine to, I might admit.

And after dinner? Make an Upcycled Advent Calendar! You can use any jar with a lid to decorate.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your family.

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