One Pot Mexi Rice

A quick dinner for a busy night, where I would have preferred to be outside instead of cooking. ended up being a delicious recipe that all the kids loved. The baby ate 1½ servings and there wasn't a leftover in sight. A success and one I was glad I wrote down while I was … Continue reading

Arroz con Faux-Pollo

Arroz con Pollo (Chicken with rice) can be prepared many ways, from a Spanish take, to a Mexican one. Kind of like Pad Thai really, where you have to ask "what is authentic?". What I was going for in my version, was for it to taste similar to what a local Mexican restaurant serves. Theirs comes … Continue reading

Salsa and Rice

I'll admit a lazy part of me loves the convenience of jarred salsa. Drive to Safeway and spend $2.50 to 4 for a 16 ounce jar is too easy to do but it doesn't mean the salsa is great tasting. Usually it is pretty sharp tasting but for me to make fresh I have to wait for tomato season. Fresh tomatoes … Continue reading

Caribbean Style Rice and Beans

Caribbean Style Rice and Beans - a very tasty recipe! I saw the recipe on Whole Foods website and had to try it out. I used a green pepper instead of a red one (79 cents vs $2) and used less salt but otherwise followed the recipe (mostly). Quick as well, it was ready in under 30 minutes. The WF … Continue reading