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Quick Pasta (yet again!)

I love pasta, I won’t deny that. Cheap, fast and versatile!

Kitchen Cupboard Raid Part #2

1 26-ounce jar spaghetti sauce (I used organic with mushrooms)

2 Tbsp well rinsed and drained capers

1/2 cup drained, then rinsed in hot water and drained again, marianted artichokes, diced up

1 Tbsp organic basalmic vinegar

12 frozen medium sized turkey meatballs

12-ounces small pasta shapes

Lots and lots of Parmesan cheese

Heat the sauce up in a medium saucepan, with the meatballs added. Meanwhile bring a bit pot of water to a boil and cook the pasta for time on package. Drain and toss, add Parmesan cheese liberally.

Serve with heated up cheesy foccacia bread.



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