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Unitasker Fun – My New Spiral Slicer

Unitaskers are the bane of my kitchen and I tried really, really hard to not get sucked in by the lure of the spiral slicer. Then Kirk surprised me with this one: World Cuisine Spiral Vegetable Slicer – it was on one of Amazon’s Gold Box deals last week! For what he paid for it was a good deal (even regular priced it is a good deal). I know I wouldn’t have bought it myself – I am scared of mandolins to be truthful.

I opened up the package and it was very straight forward – easy to use. It has 3 blade options that on cartridges that you snap in. The two not being used go underneath to safely stow away. Outside of watching your hands it is easy to use. I was thinking of using zucchini for noodles tonight for dinner so I peeled up seven of them and trimmed the bottoms. Just insert one end on the corer and the other into the prongs:

It handles even odd shaped squash, some of mine were very lopsided!

A little easy cranking and you have tons of “noodles” falling away. I learned quickly to have a shallow bowl under to catch them.

I tried out all the blades. The middle one is the best for “noodles”. The largest is great though for potatoes (we tried this as well). The flat single blade is perfect for cutting cucumbers!

What I did find is used more of the vegetable up with less waste, all it leaves is a long core, that extrudes out. When I was doing it by hand, with a vegetable peeler, I would toss a lot more core and then still have to cut the peeled slices into thin strips. So I found we didn’t need as many zucchini (oops!). I ended up having plenty left over after dinner. They keep well if covered and chilled, so lunch is pretty much done for tomorrow – yay!

Clean up was easy, simple rinsing and dip in soapy water and then air-dried. I made sure though all the parts were tucked away correctly and then I put it in a locked cupboard to keep Walker far from it.

I can say though…it is so much fun and produces a superior end product than I could ever do by hand! And even with washing everything it cut my work time down to a fraction.


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