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Waterfall Hiking

Kirk and I took Ford and Walker on the Silver Falls Loop Trail at Mt. Rainier NP this morning. It has become a yearly occasion to hike it in May or June, early on. The trail sits lower in elevation (low 2,000’s) so once the lower mountain pass is open we can drive there. The drive up was easy, we went early in the morning. The amount of snow at the pass is deep – the higher pass, Chinook Pass, is still not open yet due to that. It is going to be a late melting summer meaning it will be awhile before the alpine hikes open up. Ah well. The lowland hikes make me happy enough!

When we got to the trailhead there was only 2 cars. It isn’t a big parking area and a couple minutes later a mass of vehicles showed, a large group (by large it was LARGE) and many had one person in the car. Jeez……we got ready fast to get ahead and got on the trail.

Every time I do the loop I see most people on the hot spring/falls side and few, if any, on the other side. So we usually hike counter clockwise to enjoy the silence on the way back.

Me on the bridge over Laughingwater Creek, Ford in the background:

A closeup, I was testing out a sun cover for Walker’s backpack:

Silver Falls:

Ford and I (with Walker on my back):

Me…it was so bright the falls got blown out in the photo:

The falls and the river were running heavy and fast:

Looking downstream:

On the trail back. It was quiet and we only passed 4 people.

The river below us:

4 thoughts on “Waterfall Hiking

  1. Stunning and beautiful pictures…thanks for sharing!
    I love the sun cover on Walker’s backpack…you are a wonderful mom 🙂
    Bee well…

  2. Wow, pretty photos! I need to find a place to hike here in the Colorado Springs area. Don’t have the waterfalls like that though!

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