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DIY Cherry Pitter – Upcycling Project

Feeling that winding down, as the year comes to a close….and having fun finding someone of the ideas I worked on this year but never published. This one came to me during the summer. Sitting out in the back yard with my boys, pitting cherries from the farmers market was something they loved. I am sure I’ll be back out there come 6 months from now!

One upcycled rinsed out Mexican Sprite bottle (the green is simply my favorite!) + a bamboo chopstick left over from takeout.

Pull stem off cherry, place on top of bottle opening, stem side up. Push chopstick through till pit pops through, into bottle.

Sit on porch or deck, lazily pitting cherries. And snacking.

Knock out pits later into compost bin, rinse and reuse bottle as needed.

Keep eating more cherries……

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I’ll be posting tomorrow….and then I am taking off till the New Year starts! 🙂 Tomorrow will be good – a fun announcement coming.

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