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Destroying Winter Chills One Bowl At A Time & A Giveaway

Awhile back we had received a package with some of the Soup Starters line. The Tortilla one is fabulous, but of late all I had been craving was a hot bowl of Pho, where you sweat while slurping it. Just minus the greasy broth (often full of MSG) and scary meat at Pho joints (can I just say I am not and hope to never be a fan of tripe….) So the cure for a craving that is way tastier? Pho built on the Vegetarian Pho Soup Base:

Heat the broth with a small piece of peeled and sliced ginger, a pinch or two of red pepper flakes, a few garlic cloves, 1 lime squeezed, till piping hot. Add in a thinly sliced package of Thai Baked Tofu, bean sprouts and in each bowl, a swirl of cooked noodles. Go for rice noodles for being authentic, or live it up and use whatever you crave! I like my bowl in so many ways; sesame oil drizzled on, hot sauce, fresh basil leaves. As long as you feel warm inside and your nose clearing, yum!

And did you know January is National Soup Month? Oh, yes it is!


Look what came in the mail! Oh! Two boxes of soup? Can I say I love Pacific Foods? They keep bringing out so many tasty varieties of soup, in cartons for two! I love these for lunches with Kirk, and often use the soups heated up and served over rice, a habit I picked up in my early 20’s when I waited tables at cafe run by a Korean lady. She served sandwiches and soups and the usual American/English lunch foods….but always had her rice cooker on. She got me hooked on a cup of soup, with a small bowl of rice – and pouring the soup over like a sauce. It was simple. It filled me up. And 18 years or so later…I still eat it all the time. Anyhow, Pacific Foods has added 4 new flavors to their lineup:


PS: Who wants to try out these fab flavors for winter? The winner will get a box of soups to enjoy during these cold months!

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Spicy Black Bean & Kale:


Split Pea & Uncured Ham:


I can’t wait to also try the new Lentil and Roasted Red Pepper soup…it will be so good over a bowl of rice!

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