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It Feels Like Winter!



Yeah, I got excited 😉 So did two little boys who couldn’t wait to get outside! The first real snow of the winter (OK…almost winter….)


Who knew a tree stump could be so much fun?


We even spotted one of the bald eagles that live on our lake – it is hard to see, but there was a prime specimen in the middle tree, calling out.


So my morning got blown out. And that was OK. Snow Day for the oldest, play day for the two youngest. Morning blogging? Nah, not important. They are! And Christmas (er, “Winter”) Break started today as well. Recipes and reviews can wait….

So tied into Christmas coming, and this being the last weekend before, I wanted to celebrate it by giving away my most recent e-book, Sweet Treats Done Naturally, for free, for the weekend! Today through Sunday, you can pick it up on Amazon for free. Just in time to get all that last-minute candy made.


This was a fun book to put together, a compilation of some of my favorite recipes:


Head over to Amazon and pick it up: Sweet Treats Done Naturally.

Have a great weekend – and I am not sure when I will post next before the end of the year. I am taking the next week or so off, but will be around on Facebook and Twitter. Just want to let my mind have a vacation!

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