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Mocha Pudding

I was craving something sweet and cold so my mind got wandering back to past desserts. I decided to have a re-do of a past recipe. Sure, it is an odd dessert, it does have a great flavor/texture. Think a gelled “Frap” 😉

Mocha Pudding Dessert


2 Tbsp cold water

1 envelope unflavored gelatin (Knox®)

1/4 cup boiling water

2 Tbsp (1 packet) instant sugar free cocoa mix

2 tsp instant coffee

2 Tbsp white sugar

1 12-ounce can low fat or fat free evaporated milk


In a medium mixing bowl sprinkle the cold water over the gelatin. Let sit for 5 minutes. Add the boiling water and with a whisk stir till gelatin has dissolved. Whisk in the cocoa mix, coffee powder and sugar till dissolved. Whisk in the milk and beat to combine.

Divide into 4 custard dishes and stash in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours.

Makes 4 desserts.


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