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Food Find: Pizza Crust Yeast

Came across Fleischmanns Pizza Crust Yeast in the traditional 3 pack a couple weeks ago in the baking aisle. So what is the difference between it and regular baking yeast? It is an easy and fast way to make homemade dough – mix the dough up and a 4 minute kneading session and you are ready to top and bake. No rising, no punching down. Just one easy kneading session! This makes it extremely easy. So easy I cannot see myself using my bread machine again to make pizza dough with traditional yeast!

And it makes a very delicious crust. We went with a double batch (2 packets worth) and followed the recipe on the back. After mixing up and kneading the dough I weighed it on my digital kitchen scale and split it into 2. While in theory the packaging says you can get 2 thin crust pizzas per packet, we prefer a normal crust – and by no means are they thick crust! It produces a nice light dough with a mild flavor.

There is a considerable list of major grocery store chains carrying it (I found it at our local Fred Meyer’s which is owned by Kroger) or you can get it online at Amazon: Fleischmann’s Yeast Pizza.

Next time I will take photos of the pizza made. The short days and a hot pizza don’t equal photography!


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  1. So funny! We just discovered this as well. My husband loves making homemade pizzas and this crust was really good compared to the store bought kind.

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