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Food Find: Sandwich Combos

I don’t often pick up meat, especially deli meat, these days but since I had received coupons to try out a couple new Oscar Mayer products I caved.(For the past couple years I have participated in Kraft’s First Taste program where we receive coupons to try out new products – while most of it is processed food it is still fun to try new items out. And yeah, being a Mom with kidlings makes me a target audience….)

Not that I am eating it, the 13-year-old boy though was ecstatic that *gasp* meat was in the shopping cart today 😛 So for his lunch he chowed down on the Honey Ham and Swiss Sandwich Combo.

The kit comes with a Sandwich Thin bread, mustard packet, honey ham, Swiss cheese, a Jell-o Pudding Temptation cup (on that, that is a weakness for me, I love those dumb things and I know they are not good for us!), spoon and a bag of snack mix. Not a huge lunch but the right size for a desk jockey or a reasonable appetite.

Lunch prepped and ready to go:

The majority of the packaging is recyclable but is overall quite bulky. At $3.99 it isn’t cheap. I could see splurging for Ford periodically (say on dayhikes) if I were to get them on sale, for no more than $2.50. Neat concept though and it was higher quality than expected.


FTC Disclaimer: We received a coupon to try this product for complementary.

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