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Tacos For Lunch

There are the days when eating healthy goes out the window. I was good this morning….I ate my bowl of oatmeal. But all I had been desiring of late was greasy Mexican food. The really bad for me stuff, enrobed in sauce, cheap cheese, questionable meat, piles of sour cream….yeah, you get the idea. If I am going to be bad at least I have to try to be a bit better than putting on my stretchy pants and going hog wild at dinner. Portion control and all that jazz as well. I caved at the grocery store and picked up the fixings for soft tacos/hybrid burritos. I ended up buying hamburger because dangit, I needed a break from beans! And the grocery store had everything I could desire for my lunch and we feasted today. Just not as badly had I gone out to eat!

It was everything I desired. Just bad enough for me that it felt like heaven!

The I Am Not Eating Vegan For Lunch Tacos



Heat a large skillet over medium-high, add the meat and onions, cook until the meat is full done and the onions crisp-tender. Drain any grease (if you use lean you won’t have to). Add in the sauce, turn to medium-low and let heat through.

Divide the meat mixture between tortillas, top as desired.

Serves 3 amply.


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