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Almond Joy Frappe

I met Kathy last summer at Vegan Con in Portland, Oregon right before her book, The Vegan Slow Cooker, came out. She is a very nice lady and do check out her blog! She is always posting really neat recipes. I adapted her frappe recipe and I liked it but Kirk wasn’t so hot on the almond extract/coconut. Oh well. Win some, lose some, eh?

On the cold brewed espresso – we find this at Cash & Carry and also Costco Business Centers, which sells coffee shop supplies (I was a barista for 9 years….). It is made in the Seattle area (and by area it is actually made just down the road from us!) and is pretty amazing stuff. It is smooth and easy to add to any coffee frappe or shake you could desire. No need for an espresso machine!

Almond Joy Frappe



Add everything but the pectin and ice to a blender. Whirl to combine. Add in the pectin and ice, process until smooth. Serve immediately.

Makes 2 frappes.

Note: A high-power blender will be able to handle all the ice at once, if you are using a normal blender you may want to add the ice in batches.


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