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Cherry-Mocha Frappe

While I made Kirk his morning latte, I pulled 2 shots espresso for myself and made up a frosty frappe to go with my breakfast last week.


I didn’t make it very sweet, and my cherries are tart (Costco sourced). Which was fine with me…I added a bit of coconut sugar to take the bite of the espresso from the drink. I’d hedge most would want it sweeter. This is no tooth rotting frappe. The kind a year ago I was sucking down daily. Wow, have I come that far?? Didn’t think of it that way…..I adapted to less sweet faster than I thought I would.


Cherry-Mocha Frappe



Add the hot espresso shots with the milk, then add remaining ingredients. Process on high, in a high-speed blender, tamping as needed, until smooth.

Serve immediately with a wide straw.

Makes about 20 ounces.


You can also use cold-brewed espresso as well.


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          1. Yes, I’ve just got two and I dread shopping. My husband never comes. Last time I ended up with extra rotted strawberries, treats I didn’t want and more since my littlest can’t keep his paws out of packages. He’s a runaway as well.

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