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Vegan De-Lites: Toasted Coconut Mocha Frappe


I was inspired by a post on Minimist Baker for a coconut mocha frappe and set out to make my own version. Canned coconut milk is too rich for me in most cases, I prefer coconut milk beverage, with So Delicious unsweetened being my favorite. 1 fluid cup is 4.5 grams fat, where as canned canned coconut milk has on average 33 grams fat. Yes, 33 grams. I don’t care how healthy coconut milk is, that makes your morning frappe a milkshake. And with the added shredded coconut, you’ll be adding in more anyways. Although I am sure it was one fine tasting coffee milkshake…lol!


On my first try I used one fluid cup espresso, which is 4 shots worth. Holy wake-up call. Way too much coffee! So I tried a different version, and it was perfect. If one is using double brewed coffee, and not making cold-brewed espresso, then yes, maybe 1 cup would work. Instead, I used ½ cup each espresso and coconut milk, which tempered the coffee flavor. Perfect!

One note though – if you don’t like a double shot in your drinks, then cut the espresso back further, and substitute more coconut milk. As well, your sweetness will depend on your chocolate syrup. Some are sweeter than others.


Toasted Coconut Mocha Frappe



In advance, freeze an ice cube trays worth of coconut milk (each cube is about 2 Tablespoons worth, 12 per tray). Once frozen, knock out and store in a freezer bag. Make a couple of batches, they store well and can be used in nearly any smoothie or frappe, instead of ice.

Preheat oven to 350°, spread coconut for drink plus a bit more on a rimmed baking sheet. Bake for 3 to 5 minutes, checking often and shaking pan. Remove when golden toasted, let cool.

Add the espresso, coconut milk, toasted and cooled coconut, chocolate syrup, cocoa powder and frozen coconut milk cubes to a high-speed blender. Process on high, tamping as needed, until smooth.

Pour into a large cup, top with extra coconut and drizzles of chocolate syrup. Serve with a wide straw.

Makes 1 large drink, filling a grande cold cup.


Cold Brewed Espresso


  • 1 cup medium-ground Arabica bean coffee, preferably organic
  • Cold filtered water


Add the filtered water and coffee grounds to a 1 quart narrow mouth mason jar, seal and shake till mixed. Set aside and ignore for 4 or more hours.

Strain through an unbleached coffee filter or a fabric Jelly Strainer Bag (these work really well) into a second mason jar (if you have a canning funnel, this helps the pouring and can support the jelly bag). If using the jelly bag, you can squeeze out the grinds for even more coffee. Dump the grinds into a compost bin if you have one, and rinse the bag out. Fill mason jar up to the top (if 32 ounces, 1 quart size).

Refrigerate for up to 2 weeks, tightly sealed. Use in place of espresso, 2 fluid ounces per shot.


What type of coffee roast you use is up to you. We like a darker roast, paler blends are just as nice.


12 thoughts on “Vegan De-Lites: Toasted Coconut Mocha Frappe

  1. Oh my gosh, using a whole cup of coconut milk for yourself! That’s more fat grams than I usually consume in a whole day! But, yeah it would be pretty delicious, I think you were right however to go with the carton variety. 😉

  2. That sucker just stopped me right in my blogging tracks! Time to brew up some coffee. I’ve been using the beverage coconut milk in my morning smoothies – never thought to compare it w/ the canned variety – but now I feel downright virtuous!

    1. I know…I was “1/3 cup is a serving?? 11 grams fat?????” So Delicious suddenly looked FANTASTIC!! An entire cup of it is less than 5 grams. Yowza!

  3. That looks amazingly delicious Sarah! And yeah, Im with you, I definitely prefer the carton variety in drinks or baking…I only use the full fat for ice cream or whipped cream and I certainly don’t consume a full cup, omg!

  4. Is there another substitute (healthier) way(s) instead of the expressos since I am nursing still and want to increase my milk supply..?

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