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So Delicious Barista Style Creamer – A Latte and a Frappe


As soon as I had heard about the new Barista Style Coconut Milk Creamers from So Delicious, I was waiting for them to show up in stores. So Delicious offered me the chance to try them out…and well? I wasn’t disappointed  These creamers are a game changer.

And…..the best part? You can steam it! It makes an amazing latte, the velvet texture and richness reminded me of a Breve – the choice of low-carb fanatics in the early 2000’s, made with steamed half n’ half. Just without all the “I need to nap” after drinking it…..

It is shelf-stable, so look with the boxed milks or in the coffee aisle in stores.



So you might be thinking…ummm….how does Sarah have a Romania mug from Starbucks? (Or you might not care….hah) Kirk was on a business trip and was in Romania for a couple of weeks. Being the good husband he is, he visited the one in Cluj, which is in the county of Transylvania, and brought me back a present. What a good husband 😉




One Creamy Latte



Add sauce or syrup to mug of choice. Steam creamer to about 150°, or preferred temperature. Fill cup half-way with steamed creamer, stirring well. Pull shots of espresso, add in and top with remaining creamer. Drizzle a little more sauce on top, if desired…and hey, some mini marshmallows…well, that is if you happen to have a mini-espresso hut as I do….

Makes one Grande latte.



The frappe we had this morning came out of a past frappe recipe that never fails me. Loaded with caffeine goodness, the creamer blends with the banana for a creamy drink. If you remember my post a few days back, I had frozen a bunch of unsweetened coconut milk into ice cubes, then stashed them in the freezer. If you happen to not like banana, leave it out, the drink won’t be as creamy though.

Mocha-Banana Frappe



Add the ingredients in a high-speed blender, process on high until smooth, tamping as needed.

Serve topped with additional chocolate syrup drizzled on top.

Makes 2 16-ounce glasses, serve with wide straws.


FTC Disclaimer: We received complimentary product used in our recipes.

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  1. That creamer looks fantastic. I wonder if it’d be too sweet to use in mashed potatoes….cause soy milk just doesn’t cut it.

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