Eggroll Crackers

This little boy loves crunchy, crispy nibbles (especially after going to the library!):

This little man maybe not so (he turned 12 weeks today!)

So what did I make?Well….

Leftover eggroll wrappers? Wonton wrappers? Do you end up tossing them into the yard waste bin way too often? Make them into quick crackers – that are crispy and crunchy.

Baking time will depend on your oven – I wanted mine dark and crunchy, for paler crackers cut it back by 1 to 2 minutes.

Eggroll Crackers


  • eggroll or wonton wrappers
  • cooking spray
  • spices/salt/pepper


If using eggroll wrappers cut in half and then into thirds, wonton wrappers cut in half.

Preheat the oven to 400°. Line a baking sheet with foil, spray liberally with cooking spray.

Spread the wrappers in a single layer (you may need more than one sheet depending on how many you make). Spray liberally with cooking spray on top, then sprinkle spices as you desire. I did chili powder on half, salt & pepper on the remaining ones.

Bake for 5 to 8 minutes (8 for dark). Transfer to cooling racks, store in an airtight container to keep fresh/crispy.


An Intense Week

A busy and intense week to say the least. Alistaire had his 2 month checkup on Monday, which Walker and I took him to.

Walker having fun in the office (and probably glad it wasn’t him getting poked):

Little man? He is a big boy! 14 lbs and 24.41″ long:

His pediatrician heard a heart murmur he hadn’t heard before so we were sent to Seattle Children’s Cardiology unit in Tacoma on Thursday to have him checked out. The good news is he is OK. He does have a Still’s Murmur but it isn’t anything to worry about.The pediatric cardiology office is an amazing place – not a place one wants to visit but I am grateful it is there. They did an EKG and an ultrasound on his heart (the wand was so tiny) and he slept through the US, nestled on a cozy pile of pillows and blankets! But I won’t lie, it was very stressful waiting for him to be seen. Again, I am grateful that the doctors cared enough to check him out just to be sure. And thankful for state of the art technology. For what could be a rather depressing office it was cheerily decorated and easy to use.

With Daddy in the office:

On a happier note, on Tuesday I got out with my friend Tori and her daughter for a walk on the Soos Creek Trail not far from my house. For as long as I have lived here somehow I had never done Soos Creek. Not sure why either. It is paved but isn’t flat like the rail to trails out here – lots of little hills, weaves in and out of forest, open stretches and even little ponds which had ducks. There was even a picnic table at the pond and we had lunch there while Walker had fun running around.

Here he was trapped in the BOB Duallie with Alistaire, while Tori nursed her baby out of sight on a park bench along the trail (handy when you have infants!).

Tori was due before me, but somehow I had Alistaire before her. She is a week or so younger than him. It was so neat when I found out Tori was expecting the same time as me, we have hiked together for a long time – we met on a ladies hiking trip even! She has a BOB as well. It’ll be fun when they are a little older and we can take them on real trails with the BOB’s. Walker loves that…..

We got about 6.5 miles in, a nice walk.

Walker having an applesauce pouch while on the run….I have been giving Walker DHA lately (he had been getting it in his multi-vitamins but I changed types). Brainstrong had sent me samples of the toddler and kid products, he loves the kid’s gummies. I started him on natural gummie vitamins quite a while back and he chews them well. The toddler version of the DHA is a tiny tube of powder you add to food or drink but nope, he wants the “big boy” ones! We are also trying out prototypes of the new DipaerPod as well this week. They are a very interesting concept. A diaper and a trash bag all in one? Perfect for hiking and long stroller walks….

Alistaire is taking to Buggy and Birdy – Walker showed him how to play with them – and he is fascinated/bats at them.

Last but not least? Smiling like crazy this morning!

May the weekend be mellow!


Not So Little Boys

Walker had his 2 year checkup yesterday morning and I wasn’t shocked. He was 97% percentile for both height and head size (37″ tall and 20 ¼” head circumference) and 63% for weight. Meaning he is my strong not-so-little man! Alisatire goes in a week or so for his 2 month appointment, it should be interesting to see how big he is as well. The boys have the same pediatrician and he mentioned looking at the baby that “wow, he is a big boy!”. Yes, I know. I produce big strong Scottish lads! Or maybe Kirk had more to do with that :D Those boys look just like him!

A typical day for Walker – running around.

Alistaire taking a wee nap:

Walker checking out the playground at our health clinic. They are in the process of building a hospital (finally) for us here, the emergency room opens next week. I hope the playground doesn’t disappear though, it is a great treat for Walker after shots!

This was the first time he was old enough to truly enjoy playing on it!

He had a lot of fun running around. We got fortunate and had a break in rain for a few minutes….

Ooh! Bottom of the slide!


My Little Ones – Growing Up and New Gear For Our Outdoor Life

Alistaire tuns 6 weeks today! He has been growing a lot, very hungry. His 3 month clothing became tight over night and now he fits into the 3-6 month and most of the 6 month size clothing. I am so grateful I saved all of Walker’s clothing! The only issue is that a lot of Walker’s clothing was for spring and summer as he was born late March and well, it was actually a warm spring that year! It has been so cold here that Alistaire has been living in sleep and plays night and day. Kind of a bummer to see cute outfits go into the “garage sale” box and he never got to wear them! Oh well – still plenty of cute 6 month clothing ahead ;-)

From last week:

As I mentioned about it being cold and nasty – we have been having snow every couple days of late! On Sunday Walker got to run out and have fun:

A couple months ago he wasn’t sure about snow, now it is fun to him. He should love it in June and July when we are hiking in alpine and he gets to play on 6 foot deep snow!

Out on Tuesday running around our library :-) Our local library was built in the woods, rather than tearing down all the trees and replanting, so lots of play areas for little ones to enjoy!

Walker turns 2 on Saturday as well! I am planning his cupcakes (I am using a recipe from the new Cake Boy cookbook which I have been reading for review). When I look at him and Alistaire together I am constantly reminded what a big boy Walker is now. There is no baby left, he is a little boy!

Playing on Daddy’s camera gear last night:

And now that I am not pregnant and yay, reached 6 weeks, I can exercise again. Love getting that news! Hiking season is nearly here (OK, if it would quit raining/snowing/hailing). I was at Target and came across this:

It is an Eddie Bauer Backpack w/ Harness. Thing is, it is an actual functional backpack that fits a toddler perfectly. The harness’s leash is a bonus if you will…it can clip on or not – good for when you need extra security while hiking. The actual pack though is better made than most “kids packs” are and is affordable at $15. It has a main compartment that zips closed, a water bottle pocket, a front zippered compartment and a little mesh pocket. And the front has two sternum straps (hence making it a harness system) which also means the pack doesn’t shift around on him. He loves it and wants to wear it everywhere! If you want toddlers to love hiking you have to get them gear that looks like mom and dads – and fits them. He gets to carry his winter hat, mittens, sun hat, a juice box and a snack or two. Nothing heavy, but rather he gets used to wearing his own pack ;-) I did that with Ford when he was young, it worked well. I figure I will watch him and when he is ready I will get him jr. trekking poles – but he isn’t ready yet for those. Too tempting/dangerous for him…hah!

Today was glorious weather though! Sunny as can be! So we went for a walk in the morning before naptime. I don’t miss sunny days if I can help it, especially after all the nasty weeks of weather we have had. When Walker was an infant I had seen Sammy Sacks at Stroller Strides – a couple of moms had them for their older toddlers and preschoolers. I bought one that year (2010) in the regular size. It is big, it now is fitting Walker, he will be able to use it for a couple of years. I got thinking about two weeks ago that buying an infant one for Alistaire might be a good idea, and it was. I received it in two days (they are made in Seattle!). It fit the car seat perfectly, I was amazed at how well it worked. Now I can take him out and not worry about the wind and rain as much. It fits like a boot over the seat and stays on. It can also be used for his Bjorn carriers to keep him warm and dry this spring and summer and as well, when older (like above 6 months) he can wear it over him in the stroller. I went the cheap route and got one of the on-sale prints (flames). Walker has the Blue Hawaiian. They might seem pricey but I can tell you they are worth the cost 0 a dry and warm baby or child is a happy one when going strolling or in a front carrier – especially if it is windy.

Walker with his on:

Alistaire with his:

My boys:

Walker agrees – if you want happy little ones when strolling, make their strollers into cozy little caves! Warm backs, toes and bodies make for happy tikes :-)


Spring Is Nearly Here – Walking Time!

I am so excited for Spring to nearly be here! We are finally getting some nice days for walking once again and I can take Walker and Alistaire out for strolls in their tandem stroller.

We went out yesterday for a trial run, to start getting ready for longer walks and when we got back I went through all the gear I had dumped into the stroller and was embarrassed. My stroller was not ready. Oops. I pride myself on keeping my hiking and walking gear ready to go…and due to my not being able to walk much while pregnant, my stroller kit was badly out of shape! I found expired meals, milk and clothing for Walker 2 sizes too small…lol! Oops indeed! So out came everything and I sorted through it. As a bonus due to it not being a jogger stroller I was able to dump my tire kit (although that wasn’t much of a weight savings I can tell you…pushing 55 lbs of kids plus another 50 or so in gear is a workout!).

After the fiasco last August where Walker’s jogger stroller fell apart on us I had kept the Bob Warm Fuzzy insert and was able to use it with the new stroller – a bonus because now Walker’s back doesn’t get cold when we go out (no liner and toddlers get chilled much faster!). And I can attach his SammySack to the seat bar as well:

For now I have a FullBelly cover over Alistaire:

It works great but the downside is not being water and wind resistant (which the SammySack is). I ordered one of the baby size sacks today for him, I will continue using the FullBelly, just under it, for warmth – it works great as a cozy blanket. That way I have less to worry about when we start doing long trips again, especially with cold winds in the valleys.

The stroller has worked well (outside of a cheap screw falling out second use) but has its limitations. It isn’t a jogger so I am limited to paved paths. For the upcoming months that will be fine as I don’t like taking babies under 6 months on unpaved trails, they bounce too much for my comfort. And the double joggers are all so wide I have fears of them fitting through the poles designed to keep cars off the trails. The nice thing is there are plenty of paved rail to trails where we live. But oh well, it allows me to get outside and get exercise, with the babies along.

Today we walked again, it reached 60 and was blue skies and sunny. The rain will return soon enough so I took them outside to enjoy it. I am working on gaining my hiking legs back after my 5 month hiatus of walking. Slowly I am getting back, I doubled our mileage this afternoon and did two miles. Once the weather is less rainy I am hoping to get back to where I walk to town to get a latte, that is a 5+ mile roundtrip with plenty of hills for working the thighs. What I worry most is getting my feet back into shape, so I don’t get toe blisters, more than anything. The actual walking is easy enough! I want by April to be back up to 10 mile walks or longer so I can be ready to hike this summer with all my boys :)


4 Weeks

Alistaire is 4 weeks old today. Where has that time gone? I know I have no clue….

I have lost about 40 to 41 pounds of the 47 I gained and can fit back into most of my regular clothing which really makes me happy. Right before i got pregnant I had done something unusual…I went out and bought a bunch of clothing from Coldwater Creek. Fastest way to get fertility? Buy new clothing that  costs too much…At least it is all like new – hah! Can’t wait for better weather to get here, it has been so cold/rainy and even snowy. I look forward to balmy spring days so I can take the boys out for long walks in the super stroller. That should help work off the remaining weight until I can start going to the gym again (hope I get cleared for working out next week!).

And I am excited….I am in the second week of weaning off my blood pressure medication that I have been on for the past 4 years. As I come off it I can feel my anemia lifting (it is the primary reason I am anemic, pregnancy only made it worse). I am working with my doctor to find meds that work for me, but am happy to have my energy coming back. Only a few more days and I am done with it. Woo!


Photos Of My Littlest Ones

A couple of photos from this morning of me and my two youngest ones :-)

Alistaire and I, with his eyes open:

Walker, me and Alistaire:

Alistaire napping -


17 Days

Yesterday was 17 days since I had Alistaire. Wow! It is going so fast it feels at times….

After avoiding the scale for a few days I weighed myself last night and I am 7 lbs from my starting weight back in May/June. I have lost 40 of the 47 lbs which is great news. I was able to put my wedding rings back on last night, which was just great! I had worn them around my neck for the last 5 or 6 weeks. My legs also have quit swelling for the past week so I broke out socks this morning and I can wear normal shows. Funny how the little things in life make one happy ;-) Love being able to wear my walking shoes again! That and I can wear 3 of my pre-pregnancy pants, my maternity pants have been sent to the thrift store – goodbye and good riddance!

I have an appointment next week to change my blood pressure medications, excited I can go back to the ones I used to take and not the anemia causing baby safe ones I have been on for a near 4 years!

And as well…I am sure some have noticed my cooking style is starting to swing back to vegetarian and vegan, my anemia is under control now that I have had the baby and I am craving a LOT less meat. My goal is to get us eating similar to how we were before my last pregnancy – lots of heart healthy veggie-friendly meals!


Nurturme Baby Food

Walker and I had the chance to try out Nurturme’s dried baby foods recently. I had seen the products at Babiesr’Us awhile back (back last summer or fall) and it had caught my eyes that it had potential. Specifically for parents who travel or have active lifestyles (it is perfect for hiking, camping, backpacking and air travel!)

Crisp Apples:

The apples in dry state:

I mixed the apples with ½ cup of Green Valley Organic Lactose Free vanilla yogurt till smooth -

It was very delicious – even Ford wandered down for taste testing and helped Walker enjoy it:

Crisp Carrots and the flexible spoon (the spoon is great!):

The carrots in dry state:

I mixed up the carrots to directions. You can use 3 to 5 Tablespoons water, breast milk or formula (or even milk) to prepare the dried food. 3 Tablespoons creates a thicker vegetable, perfect for older babies/toddlers. Stir and let it sit for a minute or two for best results:

The vegetables and fruits come back perfectly and rival any in a jar. It isn’t cheap but for convenience it is well worth it. The packets are tiny, flat and easy to pack – and in a pinch you can easily mix them up in a new snack size zip lock bag!


FTC Disclaimer: We received product samples for potential review.

Getting My Rhythm Back!

Finding my way again…after a 12 day “vacation” I had Kirk drive me to the grocery store and I took both Walker and Alistaire in to shop without him. It wasn’t too bad and I survived ;-) Then the next day we went back out, with Ford along as well but no Kirk and I drove for the first time in two weeks (I try to not drive until I feel recovered…just safer for me and everyone else). Then I went to the store to see how it would go without any backup on Day 13. We made it! Dumb I know….but big steps for me! Walker thinks it is fantastic he gets to ride in the main part of the shopping cart…so I’ll take that as a bonus. And I finally fit behind the steering wheel again – super bonus!

Today we went to the doctors, first for a quick checkup of me with my OB and then to the pediatrician for Alistaire’s 2 week appointment. Shocking is the baby gained weight – big babies can lose rather than gain. He is up to 10 lbs 13.5 ounces and has also grown in length and head size. He is in the 96% percentile :-) Walker and Ford came with me and were my helpers while Kirk went back to work.

Alistaire today:

Walker has happily moved into his own room and loves that he has all his toys in there. Somehow my “baby” became a big boy overnight. I pick him up and he is so tall! And heavy! Well, at least compared to Alistaire….

Kirk found the cutest circus tent at IKEA for Walker – he can stand up in it and even run around inside:

And the kid’s version of the Poang chair (we have two of the adult ones, they are great for relaxing with babies in or just reading!)

When I took Alistaire to his his first pediatrician appointment I had stopped in at my OB’s office for a checkup of my blood pressure/show off the baby. The lovely receptionists (who are both so nice and friendly, even through nearly 4 years of seeing them!) handed me a slip of paper from Enfamil. The company rep had dropped off a pad of offers where if you called them, they would send 4 boxes of Enfamil Newborn Nursette Ready To Use, 2-Ounce (Pack of 6)! I called and they arrived on Monday via FedEx….wow! Fast and free, my idea of a great deal. The little bottles are really handy to have in the van and for hiking as well (and in the stroller as well). The hospital had given me a bunch of the “one use” nipples/collars when we were there, I saved them (please, they are washable!) so I have a nice stash. It was an even better deal knowing how much those bottles retail for. I am formula feeding Alistaire and I don’t hesitate to ask for samples. At the pediatricians office I scored 3 full size cans of formula (each retails for $14.99!). I had a pretty thrifty week for that! I also made sure I was signed up with each company for coupons (because you never know which one the baby will like best), just as I did with Walker. I always use the coupons to buy the ready to use bottles (making them affordable). I found with Walker that mixing dry formula with water in a bottle didn’t work well when we hiked, especially at altitude. Even at 5,000 or 6,000 feet (at say Mt. Rainier) in alpine, the formula wouldn’t dissolve right. So we started using the ready to drink bottles instead and had no issues.

Found a couple of cute sleep sacks at our local Kid To Kid resale store and then I saw this Sleep n’ Play and had to have it from Carters. So much for not buying more baby clothing for the baby! I was supposed to be looking for toddler clothing but somehow, middle of February and Kohl’s thinks it is summer. No pants, just a million pairs of shorts. Sheesh. Now I have an excuse to visit the Carters store and Gymboree ;-) Darn!

But most of all I am finding myself again. The frantic first days are done. Kirk and I are finding time to sit on the couch for 30 minutes or so in the evening, Walker and Ford in bed and Alistaire in my arms, falling asleep. While Walker and Alistaire nap I clean the house, cook and write. I notice the more I get done, the more whole I feel! That I am getting my rhythm back!


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