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Sarah’s Croup Bustin’ Strawberry and Yogurt Smoothie

The boys brought home a lovely part 2 of the winter croup and passed it on. So for the past week this was my morning drink. The Vitamin C, the cold and the creaminess, and I feel like I can get going! You might have your favorite, but mine will always be Tillamook yogurt. I'm… Continue reading Sarah’s Croup Bustin’ Strawberry and Yogurt Smoothie

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Lazy Day Cinnamon Horchata

Hi and Welcome to one of our most popular recipes! If you found us via Pinterest, you might also enjoy our recipe for Made From Scratch Horchata as well. Horchata, the soothing creamy beverage. Cuts heat instantly, perfect for when you stupidly pick up a roasted jalapeño and bite down.... Many restaurants use a powdered mix, or… Continue reading Lazy Day Cinnamon Horchata