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Apple, Fig and Almond Chutney

Imagine an applesauce full of deep heady cardamom, mission figs, raisins, almonds and yet it isn’t an applesauce – it is a thick chutney, perfect for having with dinners on the side or as a dipping sauce for savory cakes (and while the recipe was paired with fish cakes it goes well with chickpea cakes!) I saw the recipe on Spice Goddess and knew I had to try it out. See here for the recipe.

I used the lovely mission figs (find at Costco in large bags!), raw almonds that I chopped a bit first and for the fennel I ground my seeds quickly in a clean coffee grinder that I use for herbs, spices and seeds.

Be sure to chill the chutney for best results before serving.

PS: It keeps great in the refrigerator and you can double the recipe with no issues.


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