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Double Ginger Raw Fudge

Is this “fudge”? Well, not quite. Not if what you are expecting is the fudge you grew up on. It is delicious in its own right, as a snack, dessert or even melted into your morning bowl of oats (cut slivers and melt in).


Now though, you must really, realllllyyyy love ginger. If you don’t, I plead that you cut the ginger by half or leave it out. Even without any, it will be delicious. We like ginger though. Stronger the better. It should snap you in the throat while you are enjoying it, don’tcha know? 😉


Double Ginger Raw Fudge



Grate the solid bar of creamed coconut, using the fine holes on a box grater. Store in a 16 ounce mason jar until needed. If using coconut butter from a jar, scoop out and measure.

Line a small square or rectangle box with plastic wrap, set aside (a sandwich size container works).

Add the creamed coconut through cloves into a food processor. Process until smooth, stopping to scrape as needed. Pour into the mold, smooth out, and decorate with diced candied ginger, pressing down lightly.

Chill for a few hours to firm up, store in the refrigerator, tightly covered.


4 thoughts on “Double Ginger Raw Fudge

    1. I love it – thankfully Trader Joe’s carries it cheaply, you can find it in bulk also to save money. I keep both types – crystalized (where it is rolled in sugar) and the non, which is in thicker pieces 🙂 Both are so good added to gingersnap cookies!

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