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Friday Catch-Up: Raw Cookie Dough & Gardening

Yowza! From non-stop rain to suddenly gorgeous weather all week? It has been nice here – Tahoma has come out of winter hibernation even! (That would be Mt. Rainier for the record)



Not to worry, I am sure the weather will change by tomorrow, in time for the weekend. Which is OK I suppose. It is easier to dig in overcast, slight chilly weather than 70° and sunny. I did find something neat this week. Last year I had picked up a random strawberry plant and later on it had hot pink flowers with a unique shaped fruit. I didn’t know what it was until; yesterday, when I came across more of them, tucked into a corner at the garden center.



They are Gasana Strawberries. So yes, I did pick up more of them, happily planted now with their umm…100+ cousins. I am hoping the squirrels will get sick of them and leave some for me (yeah right).

Maybe the pinwheels will drive them crazy. They work at driving the boys nutty, wanting to play with them….



I came home this morning and found a package waiting for me:




Ooh-la-la….I always love things from Tillamook! A nifty lunch sack, ice pack, 2 way-too-cute bamboo spoons (yogurt size, seen last with the toddler I might add), and a pamphlet:



So why am I so excited? My recipe for Triple Cherry Yogurt Scones is featured:




For dessert the other night I went back to a recipe I had posted in January of 2012, when I was way-pregnant, for raw cookie dough. This time around I swapped out the sweetener and fat for a new take. Hope you enjoy it – it was a tasty treat.



Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough





Beat with a hand mixer the coconut oil and sugar till fluffy in a mixing bowl. Add vanilla, flour and salt, beat till mixed in. Add coconut milk, 1 teaspoon at a time, until dough is smooth. Add more coconut milk as needed for your desired texture. Stir in the chocolate chips by hand.

Store covered in the refrigerator tightly covered (yeah right, like that will happen. Eat it and enjoy!)

PS: If you live in a hot-house, make sure your coconut oil is firm (chill it). Melted oil won’t give good results.


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