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Raw Cookie Dough Balls

I originally made this recipe before Alistaire was old enough to eat solids – and before we knew about his food allergies. I had it on TrailCooking and figured even if I can’t make it now due to the nuts, it is too good of a recipe to not share!


These raw cookie dough bites are easy to whip up and don’t need a food processor either. Granted you might not have all the ingredients on hand, but I can tell you that you should! The base ingredients are great in many other recipe ideas for the trail and at home. If you haven’t eaten coconut flour before you might find the texture sandy, it grows on you though, and is very delicious.

And should you have any left over? Indulge in a post hike bowl of So Delicious Cookie Dough Ice Cream, with the balls tucked in alongside.


A delicious snack while hiking or just enjoying being outside in fall-time? Here you go:


Raw Cookie Dough Balls



Add everything but the chocolate chips to a mixing bowl, stir till combined. Add in the chocolate.

Make balls and roll gently to smooth (a 1 Tablespoon Disher helps), place on a plate and chill for an hour. Pack into an airtight container for long-term storage.

Makes about 15 balls.

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