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Slow Cooked Dulce de Leche

The first thing I made with my new Sous Vide Supreme Demi machine was Dulce de Leche. I mean….why wouldn’t you? It is after all the goddess of delicious dessert sauces 😉 Looking into my cupboard I had two bottles of organic sweetened condensed milk from Trader Joe’s.


Following the method in the above link, I poured one bottle into a quart pouch. Since I don’t have the special zip cooking pouches, I did an old hiking trip for sealing the bag. Roll the bag up, gently, from the bottom, leaving a bit at the top. Put in the vaccumn sealer and seal, without vacuuming it. This way you remove the extra air from the bag, but don’t get your vac fouled up with liquids. (We do this with meals containing sharp items such as dried rice or lots of powders, that will get sucked up into the vac area).


The results were of course delicious but not quite where I wanted it to be. It was very, very thick (you have to spoon it, it doesn’t drizzle!). So I went back to it with my second bottle of milk and did it in a pint mason jar. The results were perfect. Smooth. Drizzable. And a bit mellower flavor.

Just remember, use the best sweetened condensed milk you can find. The flavor is so concentrated, you don’t want cheap sugar fouling up the taste!


Slow Cooked Dulce de Leche


  • 12 to 14 ounce can or bottle sweetened condensed milk, preferably organic


Take a clean pint mason (canning) jar, pour/scrape milk into it. Put a lid on, and fit a band around snugly.

Fill your sous vide machine to the minimum fill line with water, making sure the perforated grill bottom is in place. and set for 185°. While water is heating, add in the jar. Scoop out water as needed, until the water is just at the band on the jar (make sure it doesn’t cover the top of the jar). Place lid on machine, let cook for 13 hours.

Remove jar carefully (a canning jar lifter works well), setting on a dry kitchen towel. Open the jar carefully and stir well. Place in refrigerator without lid on, stir often, cover when chilled fully. The sauce may seem a bit thin when hot, but thickens up as it cools.


For ease in spooning out, use a wide-mouth mason jar. Use only brand-name canning jars, such as Ball® and Kerr®, which are made in the United States. Do NOT reuse glass food jars from commercially prepared items.

FTC Disclosure: We were provided with a Sous Vide Supreme Demi machine to develop recipes in.

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