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Another Take On Baked Oatmeal

My past versions of oatmeal have been more bar like, where you can pick it up and nearly eat it like an energy bar. This version came out of a desire for a lower sugar version. It is held together in a somewhat custard like set, think like how bread pudding is held together. You can bake it, let it cool and refrigerate it for easy breakfast in the morning. A quarter of the pan heats up quickly in the microwave in just over a minute.

Baked Oatmeal


2 1/4 cups old fashioned oats

1/3 cup granulated sugar

3 1/3 cups light vanilla soy milk or non-fat dairy milk

1/2 cup liquid egg substitute (eg. Egg Beaters®)

2 tsp pure vanilla extract


Heat your oven to 350°. Spray a 8 inch baking pan with cooking spray, set aside.

In a large bowl mix the oats and sugar together.

In a medium bowl whisk the milk, eggs and vanilla together and then pour over the oats. Stir to combine, then pour into the prepared pan.

Bake for 45 minutes. Let cool a bit before serving or see above for directions on chilling.

To serve:

Cut into 4 wedges and pop out. We had ours with a Tablespoon or so of pure maple syrup drizzled over each square (1/4 cup total).


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