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Maple Seedy Bread

I took my favorite honey whole wheat bread and changed it into a vegan friendly 1½ lb loaf, perfect for thick sliced sandwiches. Normally I use raw seeds and nuts, in this case toasted flaxseed is amazing. I get mine at Trader Joe’s, it is hidden in the breakfast section.

It is a rhythm….I wake up, put the bread on in the machine, make breakfast (oats usually) and carry on with my day. If I happen to be out with the boys Kirk pulls the bread out 3½ hours or so later and when I get back we have lunch.

Maple Seedy Whole Wheat Bread



Add all the ingredients in order listed. Set for a Basic Loaf, medium crust in a Zojirushi Breadmachine, whole wheat 1½ lb loaf in other machines. Once baked, remove promptly and cool on a wire rack. Use with 24 hours for best taste.

Makes one 1½ lb loaf.


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