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Tropical Oats

Kirk and I have oatmeal most mornings, although in typical Sarah-fashion our oats are rarely boring. I grew up eating lumpy oats cooked in water with a  pinch of salt. A few years back when I figured out the secret to good tasting oatmeal, my breakfasts changed. These are an example of how oats can shine and not taste like “old-people health food”. The secondary secret is using high quality oats! Be it old-fashioned or 1 minute oats, buy a good brand. We only use Bob’s Red Mill. When compared to Quaker Oats or store brands, the color and taste is so much better. The oats are fresher as well, in my experience. We buy ours in 25 pound bags (I can source them locally at Cash and Carry stores in the West), and seal them up. If  We go through a lot of oats though. (Have I mentioned my current writing project? It is all on oats…more to come soon!)


Quick-cooking oats are just as good for you as old-fashioned. They are simply rolled thinner and sometimes chopped up, so they quick faster. They have the same nutritional makeup – same calories, fat, protein and fiber! So use what you like personally. And if you have just old-fashioned on hand, use 2 cups milk and cook for 5 minutes over medium-low, after bringing to a boil.


Tropical Oats




Add the milk, sugar, cardamom and salt to a medium saucepan. Bring to boil, add in oats and cook for 1 minute, stirring constantly (lowering heat as needed). Take off heat, stir in almond butter.

Divide between two bowls, top with coconut,  and fruit. If desired, sprinkle a little more coconut over the fruit.

Serves 2.


4 thoughts on “Tropical Oats

  1. This looks great! I know my kids would love it!
    I was thinking of you and your Potsticker Soup post today as I made soup for my husband. We didn’t have potstickers but I used my dry broth mix and veggies that were on hand. It was tasty!

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