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Handcrafted Cherry Lemonade Fruit Snacks

I’ve been working on ways to boost Alistaire’s protein intake, but to stay within his allergy needs. While there are a few brands of fruit snacks (the little pouch ones) that he can have, they are not exactly good for him! At least in this I can control his added sugar intake and as well questionable waxes. These are not overly sweet, but are very firm, with a great bounce on the teeth. So…if you want it sweeter, and you are using tart juices, like I did, I would suggest taking a sip of the warm liquid, and adjusting as needed. And yes, you can use most juices for this recipe.

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Cherry Lemonade Fruit Snacks



Add juices to a small saucepan, sprinkle the gelatin over it.

Let sit for 5 minutes to bloom.

Stir the juice and gelatin. Heat mixture over medium heat, stirring gently often, until the gelatin is fully dissolved, do not let mixture simmer or boil.. Take off heat.

Using a new (and washed) medication syringe (see notes), transfer mixture to molds quickly. For best results, place silicone molds on rimmed baking sheets for easy transfer to refrigerator.

Let chill for 3 hours, then pop out. Store in a tightly covered container in the refrigerator, use up within a week. They do fine at room temperature as well, transporting for lunches effortlessly.


Amazon is a great source for silicone molds, which work perfectly for applications like this. We used a set of Yellow Building Brick & Blue & Green Multi-size Minifigure Silicone Ice Tray Candy Mold Set for this recipe. Unlike hard plastic molds, silicone release easily and nearly always perfectly. I also used a fave of the boys, that I bought last year at Halloween, Wilton Science Lab Silicone Mold.

The medication syringe I mention can be sourced at most pharmacies. While often sold, if you ask nicely at one you are a customer at, they often have freebies in the back. Just make sure you wash it first!

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