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Raw Foods: Flourless Chocolate Cake

I have said it before – if you have any desire at all to try delicious raw food recipes, go get a copy of Raw Food Made Easy For 1 or 2 People. The book is easy (duh) and uses normal foods (which for the average cook odd sounding food ingredients can really be a turn off – due to being hard to find but also expensive to outfit a kitchen). I really like that Jenny, the author, doesn’t use a lot of kitchen gear either – while I may own pretty much every tool out there most people don’t. Of course, one can hog-wild and get the gear – but a peeler, processor and knives work just fine!

I have tried a lot of her recipes of late and so far everyone has been a winner. Last night to quell my sweet tooth I made the Flourless Chocolate Cake on page 138. (The link should take you to a Google preview of the book, on page 138)

To get the round “cakes” I cheated and used my Mini Round Pans by Wilton:

The recipe calls for making a 5″ cake by hand, I instead divided the mixture into half and packed it into two of the plastic wrapped pans. I then wrapped the excess wrap over and pressed down firmly. Then it is easy to remove the cakes from the pans – no cleaning up needed. While she calls for it to be eaten at room temperature it is also quite tasty cold. Just slice and eat. Be forewarned, it is very, very rich. ¼ of each cake is plenty for one serving.

The only difference is the printing of my book calls for 8 dates, not 10. Either way is fine though, it would just be a bit richer. I used cocoa powder and the vanilla. Delicious and addicting! PS: If you are looking for a great buy on excellent dates, check out Costco – in the produce section. They are hidden but are there and considerably more affordable than at a grocery store. You have to pit them but that is simple work.

PS: These are excellent hiking snacks!


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