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Natural Colored Sugar

Sure you can find natural dye based decorating sugars out there but they are A) Hard to find and B) Not usually very bright in color and C) Expensive! So you want to make some at home and do it the easy way? Here you go!

By preparing the sugars in resealable bags you don’t get the dye on your fingers or counter top, keeping it quick, clean and simple! I used a combo of: India Tree Natural Decorating Colors Set and Seelect Colorings.

Natural Colored Sugars


  • Granulated or decorating sugar
  • natural food dyes of choice
  • new zip-top sandwich bags


Take the amount of sugar desired (I did 2 Tablespoons per color) and place in a sandwich bag. Add in the color a good drop or two. Seal the bag and start gently kneading/shaking the bag. You will need to break up the dye clumps at first but then it colors quickly. If too pale add in another drop of color and repeat. Decorating sugar will take a bit longer to dye.

The sugar appears a bit damp you can spread it out on parchment paper to dry out.

Use as you would any other colored sugar for decorating or rolling cookies in before baking!


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