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Walnut Patty Sammies

A couple of days ago I had made everything up for raw nut-balls with marinara sauce and had about half of the recipes left over. I used them up to make a quick-lunch for Kirk and I by re-purposing the walnut pâté into walnut burger patties.

First off I prepped another zucchini as I describe in the above post and tossed it with about ¾ of the marinara sauce I had left. The rest of the sauce I spread thickly on two slices of bread.

Then I took the leftover pâté and formed to patties, which I added to a heated non-stick skillet (medium heat, add about 1 Tbsp canola oil). I cooked the patties until golden and then gently flipped them over.

Once sizzling and done I plated them up on the bread and we had a tasty and easy lunch!


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